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Q.What if I had 140 points in my account?

A.After June 1st, the 140 points will contribute towards our new reward program and you will earn a $10 reward certificate when you reach 250 points.

Q.How do I find out what my current reward balance is?


A.You can go to LoyaltyPath Account Update Email 

or scan this QR Code to look up your current balances either by entering you phone number or your email address associated with the account.

Q.My card is worn out and no longer swipes so how will I be able to keep using it if I can't get a new card?

A.When you signed up for the program, you either had to give us an email address or a phone number. We can still manually enter your card OR you can go to Loyalty Card Balance Lookup ( and add a phone number to your account if you don't have one that can be used.

Q.I currently have $50 in reward balance. Will I lose it?

A.You can use remaining balances from our old program anytime now through December 1st, 2023! After that time, you can redeem earned reward balances in $ 20 increments-1 redemption per visit.

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