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Bill Gianino started this self-named flagship Restaurant here at 4571 Chestnut Park Plaza at Telegraph and Yaeger roads in 1975, and operated it all but four years of his career, up until his untimely death in June of 2020. He grew up working in his father’s restaurant, and he never left the restaurant industry after serving in the U.S. Army, mentoring generations of employees, along with his sons and other family members. 

Bill Gianino grew up on The Hill but moved to South County after he married his wife, Kathy.  They had two children, William “Billy” Gianino and Anthony “Tony” Gianino, and six grandchildren: Eva, Anna, William, Evelyn, Vivian Gianino, and Frankie.

Bill began his career in 1971 on Creve Coeur Mill Road with his first pizza den which was the first of a chain of carryout pizzerias called Gianino’s Pizza Den which he sold in 1975.

“In Maryland Heights we had pizzas and salads, pickup and delivery,” Gianino said. “I always lived south. I grew up on the Hill. When I got married, I moved to South County. I wanted to get closer to home. I was living off of Pottle and watched this plaza being built. It was a couple of years old when I came here. So Bill Gianino's was created and has proudly served Oakville ever since!” 

This location began as a small takeout pizzeria. Through long hours and hard work, the pizzeria grew into a full restaurant. In Bill's words, “I saw the area growing and the need for a bigger menu and more choice.”  Then, he opened our restaurant next door called Frankie G’s in 1992 because, “there was nothing in the area like it and it offered a more casual atmosphere and attracted a different clientele.” 

Bill partnered with his son, Tony and surrogate son, Joey to open the Joey B's restaurants (original location was on the landing).  He also partnered with his sons for Frankie Gianino's and with his son Billy for Billy G's in Kirkwood.  Billy recently opened Billy G's Finer Diner in Chesterfield.

A humble and virtuous man also said, “We wouldn’t be here without great help and an outstanding customer base. I’ve probably had very little to do with us being here for all of these years."  Since his death,  Julie Lang has been running the restaurant with Bill's two sons. Remarkably, she has been with us all 47 years!

Bill Gianino's continues to be a family-owned Oakville Italian restaurant known for its family recipes, traditional Italian experience, and feel-good atmosphere.

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Julie Lang
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